Photo by Glenn Jowit - Raewyn Alexander on the right wears her bondage top from 1976, and net skirt and shoes also from that era.

This is outside Brooklyn Apartments before they were gentrified.

23. Sep, 2018

A Grimm Punk Story

Soon appearing at Tiny Theatre - Westmere

“An entrepreneurial cash brain opened a punk club in the next little while. A mezzanine jump to the dance floor, big gothic doors, black stone walls....There was no liquor license, instead illicit special coffees and cokes from a creature in bondage collar and platform boots. The punk entrance a squeeze past another club catering for disco bunnies, (glamour nights in Spandex, sequin hotpants and white three-piece suits), uneasy brown stares, pale kids sidling by, “Hey, punk rock, hey….” “
- Teenage Girl on Fire (reading part of a story written in the mid-90s by Hansen and Alexander
Mainly women’s stories from the days when punk was fun. Why punk never went away.

Reading Poetry, Overload Poetry Festival, Melbourne, AUS 2007
Trees for Travel were bought to cover jet plane carbon cost.
In Melbourne to read poetry there as a guest again 2017

In my Lounge thinking of New York

Collage with found word poem

Tree of Secrets for My Love

Writing, drawing, assemblage, collage, events, performing, teaching, and conversation all form part of my practise. Most of my work aims to draw people together, build and keep communities going well, and also, to encourage lively debate and discussion.

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