Editing, Ghost-writing, Manuscript Assessment, Gap Analysis and Arts Communication

Happy to answer an initial enquiry email free of charge.

Any editorial or other advice in writing, or in person has a fee.

1. Editing

Cost - 2 cents a word plain copy editing, or 3 cents a word, including manuscript analysis.

I've edited countless books, poems, stories and more, including two best sellers, The Open Accounts of an Honesty Box by Julie Helean who later won The Katherine Mansfield Story Award, and initial shaping and editing of The Grey Lynn Book by Matt McEvoy, also six issues of the literary annual magazine, Magazine, poetry collection Shamfeign by Alice Hooton , Eye Street Book an anthology of poetry, and my writing, including that online which is easily accessible. 

2. Ghost-writing 

Cost - $12- to $14- a page depending on the research demands of the work.

  • You supply notes and an outline of what you want to see on the page
  • I send ten to twenty finished pages a week - prepaid for each batch
  • I edit the work three times - then you or someone else checks the text
  • I re-edit, changing any errors found, after you send me corrections
  • Writing is paid for in advance weekly
  • My last edit is not charged for (after editing changes from you)
  • Try this service for one week and ten pages, see what you think - hopefully we go on
  • Check my writing quality on many online sites or in some libraries

3. Manuscript assessment

Cost - 3 cents a word - red line edit on the page and written analysis

4. Gap Analysis 

Cost - starts at $300- and depends on time spent at $40- an hour, including first half hour of interview free. We have an interview, usually at least an hour. Say where you are now and where you want to be, with  arts practise, visual, written, musical, any arts.

Prepare by writing notes and having a list of what you want, bring those to your interview.

I show how you can get what you want. Gap Analysis, ten to twenty pages, A4 .pdf, or a .pdf and printed book.

I've provided gap analysis for Stephen Templar visual artist and performer, Orlando Stewart film-maker, Cornelius Stone and Sooth cohorts game designers, and others.

5. Arts Communication 


Workshops with a group of artists (four to twelve) from $400 for six hours

Individual plan same as Gap Analysis starts at $300- and depends on time spent at $40- an hour, including first half hour of interview free.

Obviously, if you can get a group of artists and writers and musicians together it costs less. This is also a fantastic opportunity to learn from each other.

How to promote your arts, shape your advertising plan, make work get more attention.

Advice re media, online presence, content creation, relationship management, conflict management, how to carry yourself as a professional, get an accountant, make a business plan, apply for grants, enter competitions, balance personal life, family duties and care, arts practise, applying for loans or grants, build better relationships, and explore associated matters.                       

Questions about your own arts practise? Ask me and I'll find the answers.

Contact me for more information. raewynalexandergood [at] gmail.com

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