Better Writing, & From Earth and Rain

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Two (2) how-to books, write for more adore.... Better Writing - informed by decades of novel writing, play writing, poetry, essays, blogs and more, and teaching creative writing too, sometimes at tertiary level. A5 booklet, 25 pages, blue card cover One student loved From Earth and Rain - Writing Poetry so much, they carried it everywhere. A5 booklet, 25 pages, cream card cover Two books, they compliment each other, like salt and pepper, like swimming and sun, like laughing and good friends. Price includes postage for both anywhere in the world.

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Excerpt from Earth and Rain To Start Read many kinds of poetry – I recommend NZ poets Dinah Hawken, Michele Leggott, Alistair te Ariki Campbell,Vincent O'Sullivan, Hone Tuwhare, Elizabeth Smither, American poets Adrienne Rich, Anne Sexton, Frank O'Hara, and Ted Kooser. Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca wrote excellent pieces, Jorge Luis Borge is also excellent. Basho is a famous Japanese poet, and Li Bai a well known Chinese poet. Also, Persian poetry offers a great deal, and so many others. Research, immerse yourself in your favourite writers' language. Enjoy perennial classics like Shakespeare, and Sappho. Try a sonnet, a haiku, sestina or other formal poem. Google or look up their form, simply follow the guidelines. Remember to use contemporary language, the way we express ourselves today, but make it fit the traditional pattern. Excerpt from Better Writing What are you Doing Here? “Life is like playing a violin in public and learning the instrument as you go along,” a quote from Samuel Butler. Writing then is building a story with words – learning along the way, entertaining, a trial, a joy, just passing time, a vocation, a way to control and order our thinking and much more. Writing may discover new ground, produce fine work, appear truthful, and demonstrate how figures of speech, language, attitude, point of view, plot, poetics, facts, setting, theme and characters can make narrative sing, (there are also other factors but those strike me as the main ones). As if exploring on a sailing ship, writing takes us on a journey. Early sailors also found new territory, and felt at times awed by the beauty or majesty of a place. For long periods they endured hard work, and loneliness, to bring back what they found. Every time we put pen to paper writers adventure, we embark on a voyage with our fingers to a keyboard, or when we speak into a machine and dictate our work. The genre I'm mostly known for are covered in these pages, prose, poetry and non-fiction. I've also had a play produced but only mention scripts briefly. This book covers story, poetry and non-fiction basics, and then goes into more detail too. This is a manual to explain stories, novels, essays and family histories, (the latter also approached as a story). Narrative's a fine art and a real crowd-pleaser. Non-fiction too needs to make sense and appear attractive, original, and engaging. I mention journalism as well, since it may be necessary to at least understand the structure of news, and how to write a press release for publicity. (Writing reviews can also help us learn more about writing, they sometimes earn payment, and rarely, fame).