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23. Sep, 2018
A play showcasing in November 2018

Grimm Punk Story - a play by Raewyn Alexander, directed by Patrick Graham, remembering 1975-1978, Tamaki Makaurau Auckland. Stories from some women involved in punk then, and a few others too.

Yes, punk fun, punk stunning, before it all went splat.

26. May, 2017
Graphic prose poetry collection available on kindle

Time vanishes, love manifests beauty and warmth, lovely landscapes, exciting voyages, dynamic meetings, lovers coax the very sun and moon to Earth. Pages of clear, fine colours and sweeping lines, images of love, what infinite possibilities our best emotions strew about and within us, beguiling and instructive.

The honeymoon, then power struggle, and of course mature love can exist as stages in any relationship. People may move between those states at any time too. Some never leave one or the other, or two. Unpredictable, mutable, puzzling, fascinating, people an endless source of engagement. Our knowing more about ourselves may assist with creating more uplifting, rewarding times. This series of varied, often realistic or surrealistic drawings refer to many other artists' work, resulting in a sense of the whole book being grounded in the best of human history.

A sumptuous graphic poetry collection, drawn in black ink with lovely watercolour pencils, took two years, along with prose poetry written by this well known author too. A major work following Raewyn Alexander's many other exhibited and published works for decades, well received internationally, on the page, online, in exhibitions, and in person.

14. Jan, 2017
Click here for Blue Haven Writing (and Editing)

Comfortable in our arty Grey Lynn lounge for a writing workshop.

Three options -

1. An evening workshop once a fortnight, each a six week term 7pm - 9pm and cup of tea afterwards if you like, with a fun writing game to end on a light note.

2. Weekend day-time, a one-off workshop, or continue if you wish, 10am - 4pm.

3. Invite Raewyn Alexander to assist your writing group - tailor a session.

Bring work you've recently dashed down, or lovingly nurtured for weeks and months.

A careful, like-minded workshop group, directed by an expert, helps to polish writing.

The "click here" link above offers more info.

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Some simply send Raewyn Alexander writing for editing and polishing - pay by the word.

Ask for a price list, see the contact page on this website.

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Writing Workshop Experience

Raewyn Alexander for decades has worked with other writers, Eye Street Poets also published a book. She worked online six years with teenagers unable to attend school, and instructs groups like International Writers' Workshop, or Hibiscus Coast Writers, she judges poetry and other writing competitions, (like Poetry Slam 2016, Going West Festival), too.

Alexander did assist intermediate schoolchildren with poetry writing, and later took a zine-making workshop as part of an exhibition. Any related workshop may be created, such as the Arts Communication daylong session, through Artists Alliance and now offered through Te Whau, and Blue Haven.

For many years this writer has taken beginners' Creative Writing at Leisuretime Learning, night community college at Western Springs High School.

Learn how almost anyone may write more effectively, in your own style. Try essays, reviews, blogs, stories, poetry, novels, plays, or...?

A love of writing and reading drives Alexander and has done since her youth. She's assisted many other fellow students with their work.

A Bachelor of International Communication degree produced more skills around relaying information, to various people, too. Expert publishing advice's available, and she can advise writers and artists re PR, personal presentation, and more.

One of her students wrote The Grey Lynn Book recently, a great success, and an editing client saw their book turn into a best-seller, The Open Accounts of an Honesty Box. Raewyn Alexander writes reviews for Landfall, is published world-wide, has written prize winning work, and is a celebrated performer of words, as well.

1. Jan, 2017
Click on the link here. Raewyn Alexander's third novel - 2014 brightspark books

Designed for internet-influenced readers, those who often read only a little at a time these days, each chapter of this book is a complete story. Each features the same character however, except the last which continues the theme though, and the book has a well considered overall plot threading through the various stories.

Five Star Review on Amazon

Also reviewed in NZ Books and other publications.