26. May, 2017

Nothing and Nowhere (but Love) Comic

Graphic prose poetry collection available on kindle

Time vanishes, love manifests beauty and warmth, lovely landscapes, exciting voyages, dynamic meetings, lovers coax the very sun and moon to Earth. Pages of clear, fine colours and sweeping lines, images of love, what infinite possibilities our best emotions strew about and within us, beguiling and instructive.

The honeymoon, then power struggle, and of course mature love can exist as stages in any relationship. People may move between those states at any time too. Some never leave one or the other, or two. Unpredictable, mutable, puzzling, fascinating, people an endless source of engagement. Our knowing more about ourselves may assist with creating more uplifting, rewarding times. This series of varied, often realistic or surrealistic drawings refer to many other artists' work, resulting in a sense of the whole book being grounded in the best of human history.

A sumptuous graphic poetry collection, drawn in black ink with lovely watercolour pencils, took two years, along with prose poetry written by this well known author too. A major work following Raewyn Alexander's many other exhibited and published works for decades, well received internationally, on the page, online, in exhibitions, and in person.