29. Jul, 2017

Zinefest 2017

Zinefest at Auckland City Art Gallery

"Celebrating zines, small press & all things DIY in Auckland & Aotearoa since 2009.

Auckland Zinefest is a non-profit grass roots community festival which celebrates and promotes DIY and self publishing in Tamaki Makaurau Auckland city. The festival is open to all.

Zinefest is run by volunteers who have a passion for community arts projects and zines. We believe that zines are a great way for creative expression and sharing your own stories and experiences."

Making artist books, zines, chapbooks, and other publications is a fine, effective way to showcase many kinds of work. At Zinefest you'll see amusing drawings and writing, cartoons, political pamphlets, extraordinary art, DIY zines with how-to step-by-step instructions, and so much more you need to go to understand the range and fun of them.