7 July 2018 Sunday Free Drawing Day at Zine Hope - Grey Lynn


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7 July 2018 Sunday 10am - 4pm

Free Drawing Day

Zine Hope for Zinefest

@Zine Hope

email raewynalexandergood [at] gmail dot com

7th July 2018 - Saturday - part of the run up to Zinefest

10am - 4pm

For you - we'll set up still life arrangements, also many great books to draw from, and random interesting, so cute objects to draw.... 

Or wander the wilderness garden, inspiring.

Three rooms, a garden, sunny aspect, snacks and drinks.

Bring drawing materials and we'll have some too.

Raewyn Alexander runs Blue Haven Drawing Classes and can advise re drawing ways and means, ideas and pointers.

Others should also be chatty.

Ask how to promote art and work too.

An Arts Communication talk and Q & A session, around lunch-time.

Zinefest, lovely people.

Soon they'll have an event up for this, through Zinefest marvellousness.

- - -




24 August 2018 Poetry While You Wait Aotearoa NZ Poetry Day

Call in for coffee and delish at Garnet Station Cafe, 85 Garnet Road, Westmere, Auckland.

Receive a free poem written for you, by international poet Raewyn Alexander – at your service, without charge. See you there on Aotearoa’s Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day!

Entry Details: All welcome, free of charge 

Date/Times: 24 August 2018, 10am – 5pm

Location: Garnet Station Cafe, 85 Garnet Road, Westmere, Auckland.



Better Arts Promotions and Sales - South Auckland 28 April 2018

SOUTH AUCKLAND - please share with any contacts there

Better Arts Promotions and Sales

Arts Communication - promote arts businesses beautifully, develop great contacts, learn business savvy behaviour for meetings, effectively arrange payments, and more.

I advise visual artists, video makers, musicians, writers, dancers and anyone who sells art of any kind, using any medium. Learn arts business success and wisdom.

This session is developed from great courses with Artists' Alliance in Auckland City, suggested by Yuki Kihara, (a fabulous idea of course). Now I'm taking Better Arts Promotions and Sales to the rest of Auckland.

I'm Raewyn Alexander, artist, writer and performer, with an International Communication degree, decades of experience in arts, events, and arts business management.

Bring something to write on, questions, and be prepared to do some exercises in groups.

Make your arts enthral the public, arrange wonderful exhibitions and gigs, and more.

Contact me to book your place -

raewynalexandergood@gmail.com or on my own facebook or through Blue Haven Writing Workshops on fb

April 28th 2018 - Saturday, 10am - 2pm - Mangere Town Centre Library

Six to twenty participants, one-day workshop for four hours $60- each for waged, $40- for unwaged

- - -

Picture - Raewyn with cast of Walking Shadows, Tiny Theatre, Westmere Tamaki Makaurau Auckland

Garnet Station 10th Birthday Variety Show

10th Birthday Variety Show

It’s time to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Garnet Station with your hosts Verity George & The Cowgirl (a.k.a Lisa Prager) who wish to say a big thank you for your support over the years!

A cross between Ab Fab & Graham Norton, fun show with witty banter, prose poetry, silly dances, a soapbox slot and interesting locals interviewed, plus guest acts.

3/11 Cellist Eliah Sakakushev & poet Raewyn Alexander

10/11 Educationalist & singer Hilary King, and actor Michael Hurst

17/11 Actor Peter Elliot and Ukulele lover Fiona McDonald

24/11 Singer Georgia Duder and fitness guru Richie Hardcore with entertainment by Dame Judy Ginger Dench

Book in for dinner or pre show drinks and tapas

- - -

Photo by Adam - Raewyn at launch of her third novel Glam Rock Boyfriends 2016

AotearoaNZ Poetry Day - 25 Aug 2017 Poetry While You Wait Garnet Station Cafe 85 Garnet Rd

All day from 9pm to 5pm, Poetry While You Wait or try the activity table 1pm - 3pm, make a poetry poster, free tuition. Garnet Station Cafe, 85 Garnet Road, Westmere, Auckland. Receive a free poem by international writer Raewyn Alexander. Aotearoa’s Phantom Billstickers AotearoaNZ Poetry Day. All welcome, gratis 25 August 2017 Contact: raewynalexandergood@gmail.com

Zinefest 2017 on Sunday 30 July - 12pm - 4pm

Fantastic last year at Auckland City Art Gallery, Tamaki Makaurau Auckland, and we're there again this year, 30th July 2017.

My Love Cats books selling already, and Inspiration Books working spells on imaginations.

I'll be selling my work there along with 88 other talented people.

Other events also associated like the closing party, see the website for more.


Gong Thursday 30 March and Wine Cellar 26 April

I'm performing at Gong Thursday 30 March, 2017

Thirsty Dog, a pub on cnr Howe Street and K Rd

7pm to sign in and find the best seat. Excellent pub food, fine beers and lovely staff. 

Read or act or dance or play - open mic all night and amazing.

Then my sexiest, funniest work at a fund-raiser for Auckland Peace Action. 

That's with -
Chris O'Connor (amazing drummer) & Darren Harkness, (DJ/Hallelujah Picassos)

The Wine Cellar
26 April from 8pm, St Kevin's Arcade, K Rd


Melbourne 2017 1st Feb - 14th Feb Blue Haven Tour of Oz's Elegant City of Poetry and Music

Fitzroy poets present international Raewyn Alexander, tba Feb 2017. Poetry Writing, or Arts Communication Workshops too, (more fun all round). Sonja Hammer of JOY Radio and Raewyn Alexander offer wild zines, Photocopier Festival 12 Feb 2017, as well.

Heart-break Cure-all - 16, 17, 18 March 2017 - Tiny Theatre

Tiny Theatre behind the cafe, 85 Garnet Road, Westmere, Tamaki Makaurau, Auckland

Ray Star tarot reader, and Nina Mercep astrologist, afternoons, from midday to 5pm, 16, 17, 18 March 2017. This about your happiness and fine future, the all-seeing goodness of universal love.

Exhibition too, free every afternoon, Katy Soljak paintings, from Waiheke Island, Margaret Lewis urban art practise. Links to these artists at the end of this article.

Performance the night 18 March 2017, stars shall sharpen their points to get your glisten on, we've performers like Patrick Graham, and Bertine Louise, to warm the room, and chickle the ice cube rattling cocktailness of evening. Links below.

Also anyone like to see the exhibition and talk with the artists at times, or know more about tarot, or astrology, call in and see us those days, or contact raewynalexandergood[at]gmail.com - heading Heart-break Cure-all, or go ask at Garnet Station Cafe where the staff are so friendly you'll feel delighted in any case.

What to perform? Read from your teenage angsty diary, explain why you still have cuddly toys, or generate magic tricks to cheer us up with sequinned doves, sing a song with mirrors in it, play a balalika and dance flamenco, recite poetry as fine as Rumi or....

We're publicising lighthouse-like, get cracking on work for our community uplifting event, off the rocks, lobbyists, we're changing everything to fine for this voyage. 

Links about the artists Katy Soljak and Margaret Lewis featured in the exhibition here -



inks for two of the performers here - more-ishly more as well