Zine-making Workshop

From enjoying Alexander's writing workshops, and Arts Communication workshops about promotions and marketing, we may also want to make books, with our work on those pages.

Start immediately with zine-making too. Get a group together and book Raewyn, now. 

A simple zine, a book without staples or stitching - satisfying to make, and looks good. Workshops begin with creating, fun from the start. Writing in the booklet or drawing, or collage, (gluing in images) the next step. A satisfying piece of work appears in under an hour, no staples, no stitching, easy.

Small books like this were called chapbooks before, now they're zines. It's a short version of the word, magazine. Readily show art or writing to a reader or viewer, with a professional finish.

Zines make great gifts. They're impressive enough to show off samples of work to clients, too.

Next in the workshop, sew a book, no staples. Saddle-stitching a firmly made book. 

Other kinds of zines also taught like the concertina book, or screen-book, folded. Display as a  piece of art on a flat surface like a table (the book standing up), or a wall.

Questions answered along the way. 

Some drawing or writing of our own inside the books too, varying what we do and learn.

More difficult zines like coptic bound books also taught, usually in a  second session.

Participants can number from one to twenty, with satisfying results in a small room, or up to a hundred or so people as long as everyone can see the presentation from the laptop on a screen.

Workshop tutor, Raewyn Alexander, with decades of experience, walks about and sees what people are making. Discussion is part of this workshop. Any issues along the way usually resolved.

Afterwards participants may email and find out more, as well.

Please email raewynalexandergood@gmail.com  for any queries without obligation.

The first slideshow illustrates -

1. Raewyn Alexander's comic drawing from upcoming comic Nothing and Nowhere (but Love)

2. Several stapled zines with also hand-stitched zines, different examples.

3. Hand-drawn and collaged coptic-bound Liberty recipe book made to order for a client.

4. Collage folder (made for celebrants, teachers, performers)....

5. Inside a saddle-stitched Tiny Title, made of clean found paper like used envelopes.

The portrait of Raewyn shows a fairground themed folder. Poems in a colourful cover are read at events like Peter Larsen's Gong, Tiny Theatre's Voices from Rain events, literary festivals in Aotearoa NZ and overseas, or when she visits places like Waiheke Island as guest poet and so on.

Various Workshops Available

Raewyn Alexander is a multi-media artist, she writes, and acts, sews, and creating gardens and conversation are also part of her practise as a Love Artist and lobbyist for green or eco-issues and concerns. Event planning and management a speciality for arts and arts-related happenings.

What would you like to learn? 

An International Communication degree (2004) means this practitioner understands people, media, getting across messages, and managing issues and difficulties, well.

Raewyn Alexander writes poetry while you wait at any event, performs on stage and screen, creates excellent retro-style frocks, (such as for her daughter who sings with The Rocking Roller-Coasters, and also SoccerPractise). Alexander makes fascinating collage and assemblage, paints glorious trick of the eye murals, has planted a wonderful wilderness garden at Blue Haven in Grey Lynn, Tamaki Makaurau Auckland, and loves to share an encyclopedic knowledge of many topics related to those activities.

What takes your interest?

Let's create a workshop for a group of your friends, together somewhere.

Or feel free to look through the facebook page for Blue Haven Writing Workshops. Easy to follow Writing, and Arts Communication workshops are outlined there.

raewynalexandergood@gmail.com for all enquiries. Quickly relay your message to her, for an answer within 24 hours.

Photo - NZ Fashion Museum 2016, Intellectual Fashion Show, Geveva Alexander-Marsters and Raewyn Alexander with their co-designed cloak, and scarf of rocks, Costume in which to Flee from Intolerable Difficulties to the Comfort of Illusion. Available at Blikfang Gallery, Birkenhead.  Photo Lalie Van Woerden Duneas 

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