Book Launch at the RSC 2014

Jamie Higgins - editor

Yvette Parsons, actor and playwright, second from left, and her sister Giselle far right.

The Rocking-Rollercoasters played 50s and 60s hits, so polished.

Sammy and Lynda Earl

Big Ups with Fiona Tarlton

Otis Mace and Jaq Tweedie

Bob Orr, a visitor from K Rd, and Jude Anaru

Gorgeous Red Velvet Cake - Decadence by Damon

Genevieve McClean and Rene Harrison

Dr. Bronwyn Lloyd assisted at the book table, thank you.

Diana Gentle, Bruce Ferguson and partner

Dr Rene Harrison launched the novel

Tessa Laird, writer in green

Geneva Alexander-Marsters

Bain Duigan brightspark books

Genevieve McClean, Dr. Jack Ross, Terry McGowan and Annie McNeur

Sandra Bell, musician and poet, Genevieve McClean, writer, actor, and singer

Sandi Hall, writer, and Ila Selwyn, writer

Bain Duigan with his family

Glam Rock Boyfriends, popular music afficionados took themselves into other dimensions throughout the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Patricia finds exciting and sometimes dangerous copmpany. Fashion fanatsies another world, and such discoveries she made there.

Dressing up for this launch, so many writing fans looked fabulous.

Thanks to Adam for his superb photographs.