30. Aug, 2017

What's the Trick?

With your writing alone, or creative writing workshops, one-on-one guidance, hiring an editor, or manuscript assessor, someone to show you how to promote your work, some people think literary writing's easy, and there's a trick.

The writing you love to read, so clever, flows easily and draws you in. If you knew that magic sleight of hand, or sleight of hand/keyboard, you could also beguile people.

Ever felt like that? 

Yes, true, in some ways it is a process you could call a trick, or magical, I suppose.

I have magical abilities already, definitely. If you've got this far you could believe that.

Eventually some possibly think I'll show the magic way, maybe simply by engaging you in conversation, or a few emails backwards and forwards, for free?

That's okay, I wanted to play electric guitar and tried for three years. I was sure it was a trick. The people who played so graceful and agile with their fingering, it was obviously like a dance step or something simple. I'd learnt dancing, all I needed to do was practise.
My musician friends encouraged me. One even bought me a guitar. It was a small, child's guitar but good enough to practise on. I sometimes wonder, if I'd been given a telecaster, would I have stuck at it then? But then I remember, the pain of the metal strings against my fingers. With my acoustic guitar, (earlier), the whole thing felt strange to hold. I disliked its hardness.

But in trying to play I did learn to appreciate the musicians I so admired had talent, and also, must've practised and dedicated themselves, extremely so. I also realised how hard it can be to learn something you have little talent for, as well. But I did feel glad I'd tried. I knew a new limit, good.

It's important to take yourself seriously, and be treated with respect. I take your inquiries in good heart, and yes, some payment for my valuable services.

I've assisted countless people to write well, some brilliantly, and a number are now writers, paid for their work. Some have a book or many books published. Others play songs with better lyrics. A few are journalists now online or in print. Many are reviewers and bloggers. One woman wrote a family history about her stunning husband, who led such a fascinating life. A group created a recipe book from everyone's favourites, and sold it commercially. Countless people now journal, and find focus and control through recording their own activities, after working well with me.

A number of artists and writers are also more professional in their practise, after my Arts Communication workshops, or Gap Analysis. These make your arts business more organised, true to yourself, and aimed at those who'll appreciate your work.
"The trick is, you need a professional to assist," I'd say, simply. "Find out faster what you need, to get where you want with your work."

Do you believe that?

Maybe I believe it, because I had many professionals assist me. Publishers, their editors, the editors of literary magazines, workshop convenors, many teachers and so on.

Some successful people say they do everything alone, no one helped them. I tend to think they've forgotten the assistance they did enjoy and were lucky enoiugh to afford, and find. Nobody in this world ever achieves anything by themselves. None of us live in a solitary bubble, unless we're fooling ourselves.
Often too I speak, correspond and work with highly sensitive people, like myself.

We are rare, but it's a normal condition.

Usually, I've noticed, many people who feel attracted to trying writing, are highly sensitive, (HSP). The same for those employing a ghost-writer, or wanting editing or manuscript assessment, or arts communication guidance. We're often sensitive, creative, some are gifted....

HSP - it's normal as I said, but only around 20% of any population. We notice things others do not, we feel things more deelply, we have insights valuable to others and more. We require genuine particular care too, extra protection from the world's ills. More info on - http://hsperson.com/

Helpful to know who you are and what you're like, and then what suits you.
The processes around writing, editing, ghost-writing and arts communication, in my opinion and through decades of experience, any of those always improve life in some manner, in any case.  

A journey you could take with my assisting, shall prove beneficial in ways you never realised possible. That's true for anyone, too, even if you think you're ordinary.

Everyone is an individual. We all have something to show others which they may never've known otherwise. A valuable experience to find out more about yourself too.

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened," Lao Tzu said,
“Until you make peace with who you are, you'll never be content with what you have,”  Doris Mortman pointed out, showing how creative pursuits may lead to contentment.

The process of creative writing, or getting an editor, or manuscript assesor and so on, may lead to some other activity that you love, like travel, architecture study, learning more about eco-well-being etc. We never know until we try, where writing or related activities may take us. 

That manuscript you work on may also take longer than you thought to finish, or you could start and stop the writing many times. 

This is, yes, an uncertain but fascinating experience.
Anyway, usually I work with extremely rare people, or some who believe they're not that unusual, who have high hopes. I've done this work for decades, people seek me out all the time now.

You must see the benefits of what you're doing too. I wrote this blog especially, so you can see what I put into our work and the results, when you decide to work with me.
Every single individual needs a different approach tailored to their own self. We shall work on the writing, or your plan, or ideas you've filled a page or three or four pages with....

I need your writing to work on and with, that's what this is about.
There's more too.
I can and do write lessons/workshops on pitching arts for funding, arranging an arts project, or business, or promotions, and so on. It's quite stunning, the business side of arts. I like to make it more straight forward.
Thanks for the inspiration and dedication, all the people I've worked with so far, too many to count now, it must be thousands. I love seeing you about the place or hearing from you on social media, or seeing your work on film, in books, in magazines and elsewhere.

Love my readers too, I wish to one day host some huge festival and we all get together to celebrate writing, readers, and what this wonderful culture of literature has given us. 

Look around this website to see what I offer, or google my name. Make friends with me on fb if that suits you. In Aotearoa NZ, attend my Blue Haven Writing Workshops, or get a group of writers together and invite me to visit you.

Stay posted.

Contact me for any work you'd like me to assist with, now. Any questions write them down and send me those lines at raewynalexander {at] gmail.com 

Thank you for reading. I love writing and associated work boosting others to love what they're doing with literature too, so let's go to it.

- - -

- photo by Verity George for Poetry While You Wait Aotearoa NZ Poetry Day 2017