28. Nov, 2018

A Grimm Punk Story at Toi o Tamaki Auckland City Art Gallery

What a thrill to work in such a lovely place, Toi o Tamaki Auckland City Art Gallery, grand and glamorous.
Thank you everyone who attended, and our glorious cast.
Imagined the whole time there was with my favourite artist, Tracey Emin. Encouraged much excitement, which she recommends - Stay Excited, then You Get Funding.
Of course, theatre requires backing and we worked at the gallery to encourage donations to our Boosted.
Only five more days to run.
Do you believe hard work deserves payment?
Do you love seeing great stories on stage?
Do you agree with Jennifer Ward-Lealand who emailed me to say, she looks forward to seeing A Grimm Punk Story at The Basement?
Step into this story, our production, donate to Boosted.
Last night, from near my car I took a carpark lift down to High St., said a thank you to the place silently, beforehand, "Thanks for when I lived here, and everything the people and this street did to assist me."
Our building backed on to High St,, and stood on Queen St., where I lived for years, as some may recall. Another arts adventure, us all young with so much energy, well spent on fashion industry experience. Now my work's in the NZ Fashion Museum, so lucky.
Lovely then to perform and hear from our audience last night afterwards, thank you.
Loved the play, audience feedback -
"You really have captured the spirit of those times."
"Thank-you" in this emphatic way from this older man who also looked really amazed,
"I cannot wait to see it in a theatre, I look forward to that."
Our magnificent cast bounced around the Green Room, delighted with the work and excited to perform it again soon.
Donate to our Boosted, we've a donor willing to top it up at a certain level, so give all you can.
If we don't reach the amount needed, your money goes back to you.
Share this post with everyone you can think of, help make this happen.
Please, think, 20 years to get this far.
Now you can step in and go along with us.
Help pay for the actors, the rehearsal space, costumes, advertising.... You make it happen.
Then see Teenage Boy and Girl on Fire tell you a Grimm Punk Story, and uplift and amaze you. Secrets revealed, scandal exposed, wild times unreeling.
We're aiming for Tiny Theatre, March 2019, then The Basement end of that year.
Donate, you enjoy this greatness with us too.


Photo by Fiona Tarlton